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      1. 奧野系列基本型拖拉機AOYE series basic type tractor


        This series of product is middle horse power and four wheel drive tractor and it has advanced performance in Domestic. It is strong power to match implements and has advantages of high transmission efficiency, large traction power, low oil consumption, strong adaptability, compact structure and convenient maintenance and so on. The transmission box uses sliding gear and sleeve shift gears.

        2*(4+1) or 2*(4+4) gear box is optional and it has strong reliability and reasonable gear ratio; single or double clutch is optional; PTO is national standard; wheel tread is adjustable; hydraulic steering.

        產品型號: AOYE700 |  AOYE704  |  AOYE654 |  AOYE650 |  AOYE604 |  AOYE600 |  AOYE554 |  AOYE550 |  AOYE504 |  AOYE500 |  AOYE484 |  AOYE480 |  AOYE454 |  AOYE450 |  AOYE424 |  AOYE402 |  AOYE404 |  AOYE400 | 
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